The ASTM A36 pipelining steel plates and beams are the top rated materials in construction and structural projects. It has always been a question why ASTM A36 is very popular in different industries. This is also one of the best buys on the market today.

All About The ASTM A36

            It is best that we understand what the A36 steel is used for as well as its applications. Through this, we would also be able to learn about the products that could be made out of this as well as the standards in the production of this steel. The advantages of A36 would also be discussed.

What is ASTM A36?

            The A36 steel was developed by the ASTM International. This is widely used and also a very popular carbon structural steel that is mild and cold rolled. This steel plate has an amazing welding properties which are best for punching, grinding, drilling, tapping, as well as machining processes. These steel plate will allow the steel to be used in different applications.

The Reason for its Popularity.

            A36 is a carbon steel plate which is not as expensive as the other counterparts. It’s not only cost-efficient, it is also in the top ranks when it comes to performance. Its strength can withstand different kinds of pressure. Because of its high durability, the A36 can be recycled. They just have to put it back into the furnace, melted, and can be made into fresh steel.

            A36 is the most popular base material for all constructions. Some of the products produced out of the A36 are warehouses, industrial as well as commercial structures. This is also used in buildings, pipes, tubings, housings, and so much more. This steel is available in so many forms. Either a rectangle, square or circular bars. It is also available in different shapes like angles, H-beams, I-beams, and also channels. In the South East Asian Region, this is considered as a “mild steel”.

The A36 Steel Materials

             The ASTM A36 is the same as the EN S275 steel plate. It is very low in carbon content, making it easier to blend great strength with ability. This steel can be safely welded and can also be galvanized for enhanced corrosion resistance. Overall, superior quality.

The A36 Advantages and Usage

              These are some of the products that were done with the A36: It can form bins, tanks, bearing plates, rings, jigs. Cams, templates, gears, stakes, fixtures, sprockets, brackets, machinery parts and frames, automotive equipment, and so much more.

The steel plate is also used for parts that are from flame cutting like walkways, boat landing ramps, parking garages, trenches, and a lot more. Because of the ductility of the steel plate, this allows the alloy to be used as a cable bar.

The properties of the ASTM A36 allows it to be deformed easily with increased strength to achieve the desired design which is essential for constructions and can also stand the test of time. The steel plate has a very good yield strength making it the material of choice for most big projects.