Microphones are available these days in different types. To an extent the quality depends on the price but there are some mikes available in the market which are really affordable and still gives the result of expensive microphones. So if you are the one who is about to go shopping for a new microphone, do not forget to make a research about pocket friendly high quality mikes rather than opting for one only because the price is on the higher side and you hope expensive mikes can’t go wrong.

Many guides on how to choose a microphone is available to help the buyers to decide what to choose. If you are searching for the best overhead drum microphones, cajonguide.com can help you providing exact details of the best reviewed mikes available. As mikes are the most complicated thing to select for drums because the mike that suits for bass drum may not be good for snare or others. So getting right kind that suits the instrument is very important and it surely needs some study.

best overhead drum microphones

Overhead microphones actually records audio live and pickups ambient sounds and overall mix of the particular instrument. It is best used to get stereo image of the drum kit in drum recording and in orchestral re cording to get stereo recording of full orchestra. It can positioned according to the preference of the user that is on left, right, center or triangle shape.

Some of the best overhead drum microphones 2018

  • The Shure KSM32
  • The Shure KSM 141
  • AKG P170
  • AKG Pro C414
  • Samson CO2

There is a tendency in buyers to go just for the looks, attractive colours or price, but make sure you don’t compromise on the quality of the product and it should be durable. These kinds need to be highly durable as it is handed roughly or carelessly by different people even gets dropped often. Also carry case helps to protect it from the temperature and environment, so select a solid carry case. Microphones of the brand Distrotech is something you can rely on if you want budget friendly, high quality, safe and good sound microphones.