If you are looking for a messenger app, then Softron product is the best you can go for.  It is extremely easy to use and loaded with numerous useful features.  It is a best messaging app for secure, safe and effective intra-office communication app. There is no need for a server and is easy to install. The Softron LAN messenger application comes with different features such as

  • LAN chat rooms
  • PC to PC messaging
  • Broadcast messaging
  • Drag to drop file transfer

 All the data can be exchanged by each of the users encrypted and the information is never going to get out of the network of your company. This makes sure that no unauthorized person n is going to read   your sensitive or private data. Here are some of the features of LAN Messenger explained.

features of LAN Messenger

Easy to use and install

The messenger application is having spontaneous interface and there is no additional training required. You just need to install it and run through the computers.  Users can easily configure it without any assistance from the IT staff.

Private, safe and security

 The application works strictly within the network of your company. This makes sure that all the messages exchanged are within the safety of your business network.  This makes sure that your employees are not misusing the features. It is also going to save the bandwidth and keeps it safe from the IM worms and hackers.

Server less framework

 There is no need to set up server or any IM tool as it is a standalone application.  This saves cost and bandwidth as well.

Offline and group messaging

 There is a group messaging feature and you can also send messages when you are offline.  You can send messages to the people when they are offline.  They are going to receive messages when they will be online.  There is no dedicated storage or server is required.

There are many other features of LAN Messenger such as restricted user access, importing and exporting user settings, user groups, file transfer, message history, terminal support, LAN, VPN, WAN support and many others.