Growth of internet and technology had made so many improvisations in many ways in order to meet our needs. Communication is one of the main elements of technology which had made people interact with each other from any part of the world. It is no longer necessary that they need to be present physically. This is where the need for a good website arises alongside internet marketing. It links millions of people from all the corners of the world. It has improved the standard of education and the way of communication. Talk to a good web design company today.

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The tools to have better website performance

  1. You have to test website speed
  2. Load testing your site will also give you an insight. This can be done by
  • blitz
  • load impact
  • wondernetwork
  • loader
  • blazemeter
  • you should also calculate website performance enhancement budget to check on all devices.

But before that, are you sure that your website will meet the business target set by you? Some web design company can easily design their website and others need help from website designers. So what is it that the website designer does that you can’t do? Actually there’s no rocket science behind this. But there are a few points to keep in mind that will help you to analyze your website to get best results. It is pretty easy to get your own website or blog. However most of the web hosting service providers only allows your website to be linked to their name or hosted by them.

The higher the ranked person on the search engine will be preferred more as people would go for first, second into third choices to get or see something. To make it to that you have to stand out and really eye catching. The use of technology is prime and making best and clever choices will pay off.

There is a certain way to get to know where your visitor is headed, this is done by assigning a cookie to the visitor and it will follow the user from page to page, image to image, link to link and pass this information to analyser at the other end. But the cookie acceptance rats are low and they may at times affect the quality of the information collected.

Other ways were thought of such as third party server usage, having it own IP address would need additional DNS look ups but if there were any delays in this process then there would be failure n collecting data.

There came a solution in hand by the way of Ajax which solved the problem of using invisible imaging loophole. It would give a callback each time a visitor would visit a page. But this also had problems if the browser had some restrictions then it was difficult to pass on the information about the visitor.

  • You have to serve scaled images on all platforms and not depend on CSS.
  • Optimising the database is also important as old and unused tables have to cleared and new more efficient indexes have to be created.