Paying cash bail in full is a long-term expense that can potentially cause issues on your financial stability. Bail bonds agents enable you to only settle a part of the bail amount and offers lesser risks than settling it entirely yourself. The harm comes into play when paying bail in full if the offender should break the arrangements made to the court and ignore a court duty or other requirement. When this happens, you’re not given a reimbursement for the bail you paid and you just lost your money.

Paying Bails on Your Own

Paying Bails on Your Own Isn’t One of the Best Ideas.

The court will only give you the bail amount if the offender appears in every court date and does everything that they’re asked to. But, why take that risk when you can easily find and hire a bail bonds agent? They’ll only charge you a percentage of the bail amount and will post bail for you. There’s no risk losing the entire bail amount and being worse off financially than ever before.

Not Every Arrest Requires a Bail.

Not every arrest requires a bail bonds agent or bail bond to let the person be free from jail while waiting for their trial. Based on the charges, a person can be released out of jail on their own recognizance, which is normally walking out of jail for free, but not everyone is lucky to have that. To qualify for recognizance, you most likely have to be a first-time offender, seen as a low flight risk, and be charged with a non-violent crime. In addition, a low flight risk means that there’s a small chance that you’d try to escape before your court date. If your relative or friend should be free from jail on your own recognizance, you need to appear in courts!

If you’re posting bail bond with an office to have your relative or friend released from jail, you’ll most likely have to present some of the collateral to hold yourself responsible, but there are many kinds of collateral that you can offer, including your car, bank account balance, jewelry, firearms, land, property, and other valuable resources. You can also evade having to present any of these important parts of your livelihood if the offender breaks bail requirements and pay a surety which is a part of the entire bail amount.

If a relative or friend has been arrested, you need to know that you have choices if it comes to getting them out of jail without having to waste your resources. Contact the bail bonds Orange County to have your questions clarified and learn the choices you have available for easier results.