The western world has a large impact on the way of our living. The ever growing shadow of the USA has covered much of the world. Being of such great importance, it is of utmost importance for them to maintain the halo they have over their judicial system. This in turn calls for internal authorities and institutes that can keep a watch over and safeguard the religious and political rights of the members of their own society. One of such institutions is the American Center for Law and Justice.

guidance of Jay Sekulow

The rich legacy of the man:

This institute was founded by the forefather of CBN and was aimed at keeping the legislative and executive authorities from encroaching upon the rights of the people. Today it has become one of the most prestigious law firms under the guidance of Jay Sekulow, the man who has led from the front to establish new parameters in the judicial world. In many of the significant roles that the man has played on the international front, one of the key ones was in preventing the integrity of the constitution.

On many separate occasions, the firm he has led has presented many arguments in the Supreme Court (on 12 occasions to be exact) and upheld the integrity of one of the most powerful constitutions in the world. As of now, he is a respected broadcaster, a leader and a champion of liberal rights and an opponent of Islamic terrorism religious prosecution. All through the media platform of the nation, he is called upon as an expert on intricate matters.

The presence on national platform:

Starting out from behind the desk, Jay Sekulow has T.V. shows to his credit and often criticizes those who plan to spread radical views in the name of religion. He continues to build upon the rich legacy that he has established through the work down the ages. If one were to discuss his contributions in detail, it would consist of a number of legal victories over significant oppositions that help cement the absolute supremacy of the constitution over political parties.