Today, if people want to use the internet to even open their inbox and check for new updates on their mails they are super scared to do it because of the increasing rates of cyber crimes which they are having to face. Such is the extent to which the cyber crimes have gone. People are not even in a position to surf freely on the internet because of the fear that their browsing history might be under watch. All day long, people are having to live in fear. The measures that are being adopted by the market are being out thrown by the rate at which these crimes are increasing.

TorGuard VPN

To stop these atrocities and give the world a safe internet usage experience, many VPNs have come up. These VPNs are nothing but networking sites which work on the end- to- end encryption principle. These encryption principle is one of the most effective ways to get rid of the cyber crimes. Because of the VPNs the browsing history and the pass codes are not open to anyone else except the person who is using the browser. Therefore, in this way the VPNs have greatly helped the people to at least minimize the effect of cyber crimes on them.

The difficulties faced by the government servants:

The officials who work for different companies will have to keep some trade secrets. For instance, a person who works for the government or for the military of any particular country cannot open his E- mail inbox to everybody and anybody around the world. If it happens so then the interests f that particular country are at stake. The person has to be really careful in maintaining these secrets. Surely, a officer of higher cadres will never do things that might cause harm to the nation but because of the cyber crimes, they are not able to perform their duty in the way. This is what has caused one of  the greatest problems.

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