You never really know what’s going to happen in the future. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that you are completely safe on the road and you must always be prepared if you encounter an accident. Most of the people go into a state of shock after they have survived an accident. However, there are some things that you need to make sure you do before it’s too late. If you or any of your loved ones meet with an accident, here are the most important things you need to do as soon as possible:

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Never drive away

Stop your vehicle regardless of the intensity of the accident. In most of the cases, people realize the severity of their injury from an accident after a few hours. This is because people tend to be in a state of shock and numbness until they recover from it mentally. By then the injured parts would start to hurt and swell and you would notice them. It is important to stop and take a note of the accident and the other people involved in it because you need it to get your insurance claim. You may not feel that you need medical aid at that point but if you think you need it later, you need to have enough proof.

Call the Police

Make sure you call the police so that there is a formal record of the accident. Do not move your vehicles until they mess with the traffic since the police will get a better idea if they saw what happened as it is. If you need to move the vehicles, click a few pictures on your mobile camera before moving them. File a police report because it is necessary to file a claim with your insurance company or with the insurance company of the other person. You need a police report even if you need to file a claim for the damage caused by the accident to your vehicle.

Protect the scene and yourself

Make sure the area where the accident has happened is protected so that nobody else gets hurt further. Also, make sure that you are safe and if you’re hurt badly try to get help. Call an ambulance or a friend so that you can go to the hospital immediately.

Collect information

Usually, the police note down all the information after an accident. However, if they do not respond effectively and fast, you have to get the contact numbers of the other people involved in the accident. Also, make sure that you take a note of the number plate.

Inform the insurance company as soon as possible

Inform the insurance company from where you have to file a claim (first party or third party) as soon as possible. If you are not in a situation to do it, make sure that you ask your friend or family member to inform them. Take the help of a car accident law firm if you have any trouble with the claim. Hiring help from a car accident law firm is very important in situations where you are physically and mentally hurt after the accident.