Motherboards play a huge role in every computer. Simple, we cannot use the computer unless we have that. That’s how important it is. But some people do not understand why it’s there and why we should understand all about it. Remember one thing, the motherhood is the main circuit board of your computer unit.

main circuit board

            The motherboards hold all the connectors for you to be able to attach additional boards like the CPU, BIOS, and memory. It also connects the mass storage, ports, all the controllers, and so much more. Collectively, all of these will not work without the motherboard.

Different Types of Motherboard

            They type of motherboard will depend on the type of your CPU that was designed to use. Motherboards have categories based on its type of sockets. The Socket 478 is compatible with Intel Pentium 4 and Celeron series CPUs. The Socket 939, on the other hand, is for AMD64 processors. When you buy a motherboard, make sure that it will support the type of CPU that you are using.

Motherboard: The Communications Center

            The motherboard is the communication center. This provides a way for all of the pats and peripherals to connect with each other. You can choose to upgrade to a faster computer by just replacing the CPU chip or the processor or you can improve its performance by adding a memory or a RAM. All of these will not be possible without a good motherboard.

Motherboard: The Support System

             The motherboard must support all of the system components. If you are planning to upgrade your memory, for example, make sure that it is SDRAM, DDR-SDRAM or RDRAM and the size is either 512-MB or 1-GB. And also double check that these are supported by the motherboard. Don’t just search for a memory that will not be compatible with your existing motherboard.