The decision to learn to play the piano as an adult is an impressive goal, and one of the most common questions is how long it will take. It really depends on several factors, but it is important that you have realistic expectations from the beginning to not give up.

How much time will it take?

It depends on you, your method or teacher and how long you train. However, it is safe to say that learning piano as an adult should be something that you would like to work on, so if you do not have fun while you train and get better, you may have to change your teacher or method. There are currently some incredible self-study methods in which you will play songs that you will love for several weeks.

You are responsible for your traininglearn piano

We often think that our teachers or the teaching method are to blame for our progress or lack of them. While it is true that you will struggle without progressing with a bad teacher or method, a much more likely reason for the lack of progress is the lack of discipline in practice. Especially when you start and get used to the game, it is important that you practice every day.

The piano

After several months of working on it, you should play roles that are recognizable, and you may want to participate in a concert at a local music band. If you still do not like it, tell us about your cat or video and send it to YouTube. The goal is to get a comfortable game for other people who will encourage you and help you improve.

Music to read

After several years of study, you can collect pieces of medium difficulty and play them in notes. This is an important milestone in his evolution as a musician, but it will not be possible without a lot of hard work. But this will not happen alone, so start today.

Writing your own music

After several years of playing, you can start writing your own music, considering that this is what you want to do. You will know a sufficient musical theory and your hearing will develop enough to know what sounds good and what does not. If you have always dreamed of writing your own music, and today you can not play anything, do not wait.