The world is made up of industries and individuals. And serving as the vital link between the two is the PR industry. Carrying over the feelings and emotions from one side to the other so that there may be perfect equilibrium between the two and the production meets the demand. This makes the work of the PR industry quite important. One can get to learn a lot more past experience where the efforts went wrong and improve upon them. One of such individuals who have built a rich company and legacy of satisfied consumers is Ronn Torossian. He has his own PR firm helping companies grow.



The 5 W’s stand for Who, What, Where, When and Why. They comprise the basic fundamentals on which a PR firm runs. Having a philosophy that best results can be generated from tackling the simplest of issues, he is a man who believes more in action than in words. His meteoric rise in the industry had many obstacles scattered all through the journey. At the time of starting his own firm, he stood alone and presently he has over 175 people working for him. From growth to stagnation to overcoming obstacles, he has seen everything. Putting his experiences behind his policies, he leads by example.

The journey:

The job was not always simple for the man. Becoming one of the most respected people in the society he has come a long way from struggling to find work. And even after achieving so much, he still feels like it is day one and there is so much to learn and improve upon. Leading a life full of events and activities, he gets up early in the morning, goes for a run and starts his day. Being busy in business engagements all through the day, he has dinner at one of his favorite restaurants with a client and goes back home for a few hours of sleep.

This is how one of the most successful men in the business spends his day. To know more about him, you can choose to buy his book from your nearest store.