Motherboards can be tough to choose from especially if you have an I5 CPU. With the wide range of board choices in the market today, this can be a challenging task. But you can make this easier for you. All you need is to consider the top performing boards and see which on which architecture does your Intel Core CPU belongs.

perfect motherboard

            Motherboards are commonly disregarded by many. Little did they know that this is the core of the computer. It has an important part when it comes to performance. The price range differs depending on the limitations and features that a board has. So you might wonder what motherboard to use with the i5 8400.

ASUS Prime Z370 – A

           This is the perfect motherboard match for the i5 8400. This is a Coffee Lake 8th Gen. Coffee Lake is the new 8th generation when it comes to desktop processor made by Intel Core processors. You can expect maximum performance with Asus Prime Z370 – A and the style is also customizable.

           This has a 5-way optimization which will provide the intelligent auto-tuning as well as dynamic fan calibration, the AURA Sync RGB with the addressable headers, and also a 3D printing mount where you can customize your build. The Dual M.2 and USB 3.1 Gen 2 will be responsible for delivering maximum transfer speeds.

The 5-WAY Optimization

           This 5-Way optimization of ASUS will turn it into smart PC. it takes one click and complex tuning will be taken cared of. This also dynamically optimize the important aspects of the system in order to provide overclocking and also some cooling profiles which are perfect for your rig.

ASUS Prime Z370 – A Additional Features

  • ASUS Fan Holder. This will increase the airflow for the Prime Z370. You can screw on a 40mm or 50mm fan then mount the bracket on the heatsink. Hook the fan up to the header for boosting the cool.
  • 2 Heatsink. This is the additional feature on the Prime Z370 where it can reduce M,2 SSD temperatures to 20 degrees Celsius. This will ensure improved storage performance and promote SSD longevity.
  • The SafeSlot. This has a fortifying metal designed for a stronger slot which will be anchored firmly to the PCB using additional solder points.

Remember that for your i5, the perfect motherboard match would be the ASUS Prime Z370 – A. You can also check out online for reviews about this product to fully understand why this is the best choice for i5 8400.