Drums are one of the most complicated instruments to mike. Not all microphones will work on different kinds of drums. Microphones that work on bass drums may not be the best for snare drums. It is important that you know the best microphone for your drums, depending on the type and style of music that you play. Before you start making music, make sure that you have the right microphone for your drums.

Best Overhead Microphones

The Overhead Drum Microphones

Through the years, music engineers are struggling with finding the best microphones for the drums. But with the innovation in music and technology, overhead microphones were invented. This is by far the best for your drums. It all started when overhead microphones were used in audio recording as well as in live reproduction. These are the best in terms of picking up the sounds behind the mix of all the instruments.

The TOP 3 Best Overhead Microphones

Overhead microphone choices will always depend on your preference as a musician or an audio engineer. There are companies who supply the best like the Audix, AKG, as well as Audio Technica and so much more. But according to the review from cajonguide.com, here are the top 3 choices for this year:

  • The Shure KSM32. This is an isolated, single diaphragm cardioid condenser microphone. This is the best choice for studio recordings and also for live productions. This is also the best choice for whole ensembles, choir, and for a full orchestra. The KSM32 is high quality that can produce a natural sound. Its best features are its electronics and fast transient response.
  • The Shure KSM 141. Another excellent microphone that can be used as an overhead mic. This lets you adjust to three settings which can help you match the frequency capture to the equipment. The KSM141 has a classy design that produces natural and transparent sound. This is perfect for a drummer, a sound engineer, for the piano and even for the guitar player.
  • AKG Perception 170. When you are looking for an overhead mic that is just within a reasonable budget, this is the best pick for most drummers. This is perfect as a room microphone which is commonly used by drummers. It is made of a very durable metal chassis and can respond to different frequencies.

Choosing the best overhead microphone is very important. Whether it’s for a studio recording or for live performances, it is important that you use the right microphone to emphasize the sound of your drums. Pick from the top choices above before you start recording.