Going to a cafe and ordering your favorite cup can be too expensive if you do it on a daily basis. However, most coffee makers are good for family-sized servings. Worry no more! There are now single serve coffee makers that would be perfect for what you need. These are very popular and there are brands and models that can provide you with the best one cup coffee maker.

 Single Serve Coffee Makers

The Single Serve Coffee Makers – Why Is It Best For You?

When you brew coffee one cup at a time using a single serve coffee maker, it is much faster compared to the larger ones. If you are the only one who loves coffee at home, it would be a waste to brew so much coffee and will just go to waste. Another thing is that when you brew fresh coffee a cup at a time, it will always have the freshness in its aroma and taste.

The Best Single Serve Coffee Maker Of 2018

Hamilton Beach 49970 Personal Cup. This one cup pod brewer is the most popular in the market for this year. It lets you brew a 12-ounce cup, which is the perfect size for a quick and mess-free coffee brewing. This is perfect for Melitta Coffee Pods which is the best choice for Senseo, Hamilton Beach, and other non-pasteurized coffee makers. This coffee maker is very easy to use.

How To Use The Hamilton Beach 49970 Personal Cup

 All you need your coffee pod, water, and just press start to initiate brewing. One of the best features of this coffee maker is its auto shut off function. This gives you a peace of mind that even though you forgot to turn it off while you are in the rush to go to work, it will not be the start of a fire. This will also make sure that your coffee will not have a “burnt” taste while your coffee is brewing and you are still in the shower.

Coffee lovers would want to have the chance to brew their coffee whenever they want to. There are now plenty of brands and models to choose from. But finding the best one cup coffee maker is important. Before making your purchase, it would be best if you do your own research about the different single serve coffee makers in the market these days. But if you trust the coffee experts, Hamilton Beach 49970 Personal Cup is their best choice.