When there’s a power outage, it can be very challenging. Everything in our daily activities involve the use of electricity. Our home appliances, our gadgets, and even our kitchen appliances. When the power is out, everything seems to be useless. We do want to keep electricity on in our homes.

gas-powered generator

There are some homeowners who spend thousands of dollars on a permanent backup system. But why do that when you can have a power generator? You have two choices, a diesel generator or a gas generator. Both are easy to move an transport. This would also be perfect for isolated homes where the power grid is not an option.


One of the advantages of the portable diesel generator over the gas-powered generator is the fuel efficiency. The diesel generators use fewer fuels compared to the gas counterpart. This is because, in diesel generators, compression ignites the fuel which allows the engine to run without using too much fuel. Whereas in gasoline generators, both the fuel and the air are mixed together in a carburetor before compression happens which reduces the fuel efficiency.

Noise and Heat

Older models of the portable diesel generators are very noisy, making them unsuitable for a high-density neighborhood. The newer models, on the other hand, run smoothly and has a very low maintenance requirement. When it comes to maintenance, diesel wins the match. This is because the gas engines have spark plugs and carburetors which we all know can be costly when it gets damaged. The diesel generators don’t need to be replaced much often since it lasts longer.

Air-Cooled vs Liquid Cooled

Generators can be air-cooled or liquid cooled. Whether you have a diesel or gas engine, liquid-cooled units are more pricey and are commonly used for larger projects. If generators are for homes, this doesn’t need to be the units for longer terms. You would want to get the air-cooled portable gasoline generators this time for short-term outages. But if this is for a long-term use, like a job site or remote homes, a liquid-cooled large diesel generator is the best choice.

The Right Choice

Remember that smaller units are more suitable for small, single-family homes. These units can supply a few appliances. But for larger homes or facilities, this will require more power and has specialized needs like medical equipment, so you will need a large diesel generator with a larger output. But take note that when buying generators, the higher the wattage, the more expensive it becomes.

When choosing the best portable diesel generator, or gasoline generator, you have to consider some factors. Like how often are you going to use it, the size of the generator that you need, the number of appliances that it needs to supply with power, and of course, your budget. You have a wide variety to choose from. It is better if you do a little research about the supplier and see which is best for you. It can also help if you have an expert advice on this. But in the end, the decision is yours. So choose wisely!