With sound knowledge of the justice system and regulatory agencies, Elliott Sauter firm works on a world of domains including health care, corporate and individuals.

Goal: The goal of the firm is to avoid criminal charge and to defend the client out of the court and in the trial powerfully and to employ coordinated means of compliance to avoid government observation. The main aim of the firm is giving first and foremost importance to clients.

health care fraud

Practice areas: The firm practice areas include White-Collar Criminal Defense, where the federal level is complex and at the same time difficult and the attorneys of the firm represented the executives and corporations on their difficult situations. They have years of experience in white-Collar criminal Defense and the experience in the fraud cases include tax fraud, securities fraud, public corruption, health care fraud, mortgage fraud, bank fraud, and wire and mail fraud. In spite of years of experience as federal prosecutors working on health care Audits and Appeal matters the prosecutors knows the principles, policies, procedures and tactics followed by the investigator and prosecutors at the time of investigation relating to health care Audits and Appeals. The prosecutors of the firm will be ahead of the investigators and try to provide solution to the clients in a proper way without creating any difficulties. The firm mainly focuses on providing Compliance advice to health care organizations and the most important part of Compliance is to provide proper training and documentation.  The attorneys of the firm provide onsite training for the employees and officers to assist in the implementation of compliance program. The firm conducts internal investigations when mistakes are found in the program. Visit www.elliottsauter.com for more knowhow.

At a particular time the organizations may face the problem of wrong doing either within the company or dealings related to other organizations and at such situations proper internal investigations should be done to check the wrong done and to provide correct solution. The firm focuses on two important aspects of transactional practice is consulting on operational issues to achieve and improve compliance and advise on business structuring to avoid violation of state and federal law and also understands the importance of compliance and regulatory restrictions that health care companies face.

As far as Health Care Civil Defense is concerned the firm gives priority to make sure the civil matter remains civil and does not end up in criminal investigation keeping in mind the same the firm tries to resolve the civil cases favourably and quickly.