Imse Vimse is an all natural disposable diaper products company that was conceived in the year 1988 in Sweden. The idea came from the founder’s daughter who was diagnosed with eczema due to the use of disposable diapers. Marie Wallenberg (the founder) since them switched to washable diapers and surprisingly enough it cured her daughter of eczema and just like that the brand was born.

With today’s synthetic trend it’s refreshing to know that there are companies like this that offers an environmentally friendly option for people that wants to go on a different route. It’s kind of a red flag that disposable diapers that parents trust their babies health and hygiene are actually consists of harmful chemicals that can harm a baby. To think that a baby has a very sensitive skin that diaper manufacturers are still applying strong chemical on their disposable diaper products is unthinkable.

natural disposable diaper

A product for the environment: This brand for Sweden are all about providing environmentally friendly products that might not look like much today, but if you continue to use their products in many years will yield a more promising result. If you are into going green because you are aware of the dangers of pollution and global warming, buying their products should be a good start for you on your advocacy. Your actions now will definitely provide some good results in the future.

High quality products: Their production is situated in some parts of Turkey and Europe, the company is only choosing organically grown cotton to use for their products, making it free from any harmful chemicals and you can be sure that whenever you buy and use from this company, you are not compromising your baby’s safety.

A very strict compliance: The company has also been known to be very strict with their supplier requirements. They do yearly supplier check to make sure that their suppliers are also in line with the safety standards that this company is imposing amongst themselves. Aside from strict quality and safety compliance, they rigorously test and refine their products to make sure that their products doesn’t just evolve, but make it better to meet the demands of the family that will be using their products.

The company might have had a humble beginning and the idea was driven because of eczema, but thanks to that, that the world now has a company that knows what is wrong with baby care and they know how to address it. By creating environmentally friendly products that parents will be delighted and will have a peace of mind to buy. For the baby to have an uncompromising product that is both safe and comfortable to use. The company has been known to be very strict with their quality and safety compliance that it also radiated to their suppliers. They never stop in their continuous pursuit of excellence by continuously developing quality products that families will gladly welcome into their homes. So the next time you buy a baby product, think about your kids’ safety, think about the environment, think about this company.